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Queen's University
HIST 122
Amitava Chowdhury

Semester 2, Week 7 Hist 122 Anti-Colonialism and the Interwar Years I. The Nature of Resistance Domination  Original (primary) resistance  The dominant and the dominated  Aspects of domination: political, economic, cultural, psychological  Domination is always incomplete o Always a gap for freedom o Dominant and dominated groups are never fully unified  The domination/resistance equation The Resistance Continuum  The passive/active dichotomy o Passive: refusal o Active: forcibly gain freedom  Discarding the dichotomy  Intrusion  primary resistance  failure of primary resistance  accommodation OR resistance Stage 1: Individual  Day to day  individual revenge  individual violence  Small scale  Move from “passive” to “active” Stage 2: Group  Group plots  strikers  armed revolt  Hot enough to form revolution Stage 3: Ideology  Revolution  restorative movement  Restorative movement: always a failure  Don’t succeed in long term  try to go back II. Emergence of Anti-colonial nationalism Resisting colonial rule  Individual acts  Popular protests  Industrial strikes  Peasant insurgencies  Ameliorative  Millenarian  Cultural resistance Birth of Anti-colonial nationalism  Nationalism as a pro
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