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Hist 122 Semester 2, Week 8.docx

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HIST 122
Amitava Chowdhury

Semester 2 Week 8 Hist 122World War II and GenocideI Prelude to War WWII The Very Basic FactsGlobal warfare between 1939 and 1945Between 6078 million people diedFought between Axis and Allied powersGenocide and war crimesUse of Atomic bombTechnology ad warfareA New Kind of WarEvery continent and every islandEvery sea and every airlandEvery weapon and every societyEvery human resourceThe ultimate total warOminous prophesiesMarshall Fochs prophecy o Just an armistice for 21 yearsHG Wells and the New War o The Shape of Things to Come o Foretold the beginning of WWIISeeds of ConflictAn impractical treaty squeeze the German lemon until the pips squeakEric GeddesFailures of the League of Nations o Failure in arbitration and disarmament o Failure in collective securityAn Age of UncertaintyProfound disillusionmentA lost generationGertrude SteinThe Decline of the WestOswald SpenglerEnd of progress o Losing faith in religion o And in scienceDemocracy underminedEnd of objectivitytruth as mental constructsGlobal economic depression 1929
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