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HIST 122
Amitava Chowdhury

Semester 2, Week 9 Hist 122 Identity and a Century of Violence I. Conceptualizing Identity At home in the World…  Three fundamental questions: 1. Who are we? Individually? Collectively? 2. What should be done? How do we live a good life? 3. How do we know what we know?  Who are we? o Self-sameness over time  Sense of I-ness o Personal identity o Memory: the basis of personal identity – John Locke o Three things comprise identity: 1) Who we are 2) What we know 3) What we have o The internal and external identity o Finding our place through negotiation  Between personal and social expectations To be is to belong  The desire to belong  Group identity  Collective memory  Historical production  Cultural memory and group identity Selves in the group  The inside and the outside o Personal and larger group identity  Jacques Derrida  Identity is the mediating factor  Individual and the collective acts simultaneously Property or a process?  Diminishing fixedness o Biological origins cant be changed  Identity can never be an immutable property  Forever provisional  A project and a process Plurality of Identity  Diachronic identity o Preservation of self-sameness over time  Synchronic identity – essential plurality  Contextual identity o One aspect used at particular time  Normative control and stability of identity What price identity?  The myth of identity loss  Shared identity  Denying choice  Emphasizing singularity  Eruption of violence II. Identity-based Violence Murder by miniaturi
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