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HIST 122
Amitava Chowdhury

Semester 2, Week 10 Hist 122 Toward the Age of Earthrise A history of our times…  Historical distance o Truth is the daughter of time o Retrospective-ness is the secret weapon of the historian  Narration vs. concepts  Fragmentation vs. integration  Questioning integration  New imagination I. Discuss the narrative of the Cold War Cold War Clichés  The Kitchen debate, July 1959 o Nixon vs. Khrushchev o Nothing happened, expect verbal exchange o Continued tensions The Cold War in the Nutshell  Competing socio-economic systems o Promise of social mobility and free market o VS promise of state control/”dungeon with social benefits”  Competing political ideology o Nation-state and democracy o VS rejection of nation-state democracy; ideas of spreading communism to all  A geopolitical and strategic struggle o Carve the influence of the other o Spheres of influence  Globally inclusive o Everyone influence o “Not aligned”?  Military and political alliances: client states o Supporters o Polarized between „spheres of influence‟ and client states  Arms race o US economy did very well, so many did not suffer o USSR economy did very poorly, so people suffered Forming the Iron Curtain  National interest vs. the spirit of cooperation o Problematic peace after WWII  Formation of superpowers o USA vs. USSR  Polarized Europe: a) Political institutions a. NATO vs. the Warsaw Pact b) Economic systems a. Free trade vs. communism c) Foreign policy Postwar Germany  4 divisions of Ger and Berlin o FR, GB, USA, USSR Berlin Blockade  Proposal of merging, 1947-1948  Soviet retaliation, 24 June 1948 o Soviet blockade of Berlin  Airlift operations o USA mostly  Calling off blockade, May 1949  Formation of FDR (Formal Democratic Republic = West Germany) and GDR (German Democratic Republic = East Germany)  West German enclave The plot thickens: the Wall of Shame  Many people fled from East Berlin to West Berlin  Mass migration from East to West  1952 – pass system between E and W  Loss of prestige o Showed Soviet flaw o People suffering  Erection of the wall – 1961 o First: barded wire o Later: concrete  Shoot to kill o Any people attempting to cross over from E to W  Death strip  Defectors  Cold War intensifies The MAD run  “Mutually assured destruction”  Biggest threat = nuclear war  Thermonuclear arms race  Essentially equivalence o 1968-69: began a more “stable” faze of Cold War o No benefit to war  COLD war Heating up the Cold War 1. The Korean War  Sothets in North vs. USA in South  38 parallel  1946-1948: reunification  1948: sovereign nations o North: Republic of Korea o South: Pe
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