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Violence and something Tuesday March 12.docx

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Queen's University
HIST 122
Amitava Chowdhury

Violence and something Tuesday March 12/2013 Conceptualizing identity At home in the world… - who are we? Unanswerable question todays topic - what should we do? Another stupid question - how do we know what we know? Another question - Self-sameness over time - Personal Identity - John Locke: The basis of personal identity: memory is the basis of our personal identity. I know who I am because I remembered what I did - The internal identity is generated from our memory and external identity is forced or brought upon on us. Is it therefore a combo of both that defines our identity or one of them - Finding our place through negotiation The desire to belong - the desire to belong, nothing has meaning if we take ourselves out of it - group identity: historically produced - collective memory - historical production - cultural memory and group identity selves in the group - the inside and the outside - Jacques derrida - Identity as the mediating factor - The individual and the collective act simultaneously Property or a process - diminishing fixedness - Identity not an immutable property - Forever provisional - A progect and a process Bauman - a very sweet old man picture - smart dude Plurality of identity - Diachronic identity (membership in a group) - Synchronic identity ( connects us with others) - Contextual identity ( identity created by appearance, appropriate at certain times) What price identity - the myth of identity loss - shared identity - denying choice - emphasizing singularity - eruption of violence Murder by minia
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