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Lecture 4

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Queen's University
HIST 122
Ariel Salzmann

Week 4- Faith and Empire 2 October, 2012 -The Buddhas (6 century CE) were 55 m and 37 m respectively, Bamian Province, Afghanistan -empire, trade, religious mission overlapped -Jaspers: took place between 800 and 200 BCE, from the mystics of the Upanishads -Confucius (479 BCE) promulgated golden rule first -Buddhism emerged from Hindu India, based on teachings of the Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) prince of a small kingdom -Aim of Buddhist teaching is to end the cycle of rebirth and achieve Nirvana -by 700 BCE (Tang dynasty China), Buddhism was patronized by the state - Tang empress Wu Zetian (only empress in Chinese history) patron of Buddhism who invoked a sutra to justify her rule Christianity- 2 billion believers today Underground Cult to Imperial Religion, C. 60-500 CE First Christian state was Armenia after 301 CE Then: Ethiopia 330 CE Roman Empire 391 CE Saxons 800 CE Kiev Kingdom 944 CE Islam founded by Prophet Muhammad (d. 632 CE) 1.2 billion Muslims today -connected to Spain, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan -3 of the Abrahamic religions -Muhammad preaches an equality between people and an end to tribal divisions -wor
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