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Lecture 3

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Queen's University
HIST 122
Ariel Salzmann

Week 3 25 September 2012 The Gender of Civilisation -gender differences: difference in role assigned to men and women Universal across all cultures: - Gender Roles - Incest Taboos - Marriage - Patriarchy Gender vs. Sex - refers to the roles assigned to - refers to the biological differences in Individuals based on real or imagined males and females which allow human Sexual differences reproduction - Classical Maya, multiple variants of the masculine and the feminine were recognized - some form or forms of androgyny played central roles in formulating gender identity and structuring social relations - individuals were perceived as singularly sexed only after puberty The early church extended the incest taboo. Why? - Catholic canon law expanded the number of prohibited relationships and imposed new “impediments to marriage: - Anglicans and Protestants, however, have relaxed restrictions on marriages between cousins and other relatives not explicitly precluded without following the biblical injunctions to the letter Marriage: socially recognized reproduction -protects wealth, status, and power with and among families and social groups Patriarchy: power, privilege, rights with senior males -why have men dominated women in society? Is this the “God-given” order? -if not, when did patriarchy happen? Matriarchy vs. Patriarchy Yes: Some feminists No: Anthropologists -The prevalence of myth and worship of -women’s status may have declined even as goddesses in ancient Mesopotamia, a society continued to worship female Egypt, and Greece.
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