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Confederation Lecture

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HIST 124
Steven J Maynard

Confederation and Its Discontents 11/19/2012 1:00:00 PM I. The “Day of Humiliation” in Yarmouth, NS  People wearing black, procession in Yarmouth carrying the Ottawa band playing Confederation songs in a jarring, non-harmonious fashion  Banner says “Unity is Strength”, with 4 cats whose tails are tied together. One cat (Nova Scotia) trying to untangle itself  Effigy of Tucker is set on fire along with a live rat  1841: Act of Union joins Upper and Lower Canada. One capital, equal representation for East and West A. Confederation as Liberal-Capitalist Moment II. The Road to Confederation A. Political Deadlock in the United Province of Canada  Equal representation between East and West Canada meant the English and French constantly put themselves in deadlock  Issue of the capital came up 15 times in 15 years o Started in Kingston, Montreal (where the English set it on fire), moves between Quebec City and Toronto every year from then on o Assembly met no less than 200 times to decide o 1859: settled the issue by moving the capital to Ottawa B. George Brown, the Clear Grits, and „Rep by Pop‟  Editor of the Globe and leader of the True Grits  Had issue with Rep by Pop, and an extreme Francophobe  Did not like that Canada East had same seats as West, wanted more seats for the West as they had more people  Mostly agrarian followers  Brown had his eye on Western expansion C. The “Great Coalition”: Brown, Macdonald, Cartier  Cartier‟s Bleus and Macdonald‟s Conservatives merged together to form the Conservative party of Canada D. Britain: Unloading Colonial Burdens E. The Three Confederation Conferences: Charlottetown, Quebec, London  Sept 1864 Charlottetown o Cradle of Confederation  Quebec Conference Oct 1864 o Britain send a message to each of the governor generals to tell them to make sure dominion happens. Britain fully supports confederation o Those who oppose confederation go to London but are turned away o London conference Dec 1866/Feb 1867  Turned into legislation British North America Act 1867 st  Made into law on July 1 1867 -> Canada is born III. Confederation as Economic/Class Strategy A. Saving Central Canada‟s Bacon  Canada was in a deadlock before confederation  Huge debt, building massive public infrastructure (Parliament and canal system)  On the verg
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