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Lecture 6

Je me souveins - Week 6.docx

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Queen's University
HIST 124
Steven J Maynard

Je me souviens: Myth and Memory, Conquest and Compromise Week Six I. The Conquest as Myth and Memory **clash of social formations A. Wolfe: The “Dauntless Hero”? 1759 – Wolfe: Hero of British Conquest of New France  Feared not living up to Mother and Father  Thought he was dying  Weird looking guy: deeply narcotic and haunted by night terrors  Brought 40000 troops to Quebec  Expected to be welcomed by habitant  Habitant send families into Quebec while men create armies and attack English  Wolfe burns crops and houses  Spends months trying to get Quebec people to come out B. “Je me souviens”: French Memory of the Conquest  September 13, 1759: The Plains of Abraham – plan to take army across river and scale cliffs up to the top – Wolfe and 4500 troops went – 15 minute battle – Quebecois comes out and beats New Framce  French perspective – establishing moment in  “Wolfe the Dauntless Hero” written in 1867  1978: Quebec government changed license plates to: Je me souviens C. “The Death of General Wolfe”  Glorifies death  Sacrifice  Painting shows First Nations at death when he hated them  Taught as Romanized myth II. The Conquest as Socio-Economic Process A. The Difference Demography Makes  British rule meant end to French and Native interactions  Opening shot in very long revolutions  Transition to liberal capitalism  Despite internal growth rate their was only around 70000 people in New France  Over same period, English uparded more than a million people  Demograohic swamping B. Enclosures, Clearances, and the Capitalist Transformation of Europe  Arisocates come in and declare private property (Enclosures)  Taking place during 1700s where thousands booted off land and came to North America  Happens in France and Britian C. Differences between French and Britis
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