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Merchant Capital and the Empires of Fish and Fur Monday October 22.docx

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HIST 124
Steven J Maynard

Merchant Capital and the Empires of Fish and Fur Monday October 22, 2012 Marie Joanne Raenaut: Writes a letter to her husband Charles Renaut. Already a small victory as it conquered illiteracy. He was a cod fisher in the banks. The letter was passed from person to person and ship to ship until it reached Scatterie, Cape Breton. Charles decides to stay in one of the semi-permanent fishing villages. Refer to diagram to see the Social Formation dates to understand that they ran at the same time. Merchant capital social formation is a hybrid social formation: Has elements of the modern (Lib-cap) and pre-modern formations(ss). The modern world takes place in the 15 and 16 centuries. When Europe takes on economic transformation that’ll take on the whole world. Before hand, Europe had been a incapable place to be controlling the world in economics: they lost a war to the Israelites, they were not as technologically advanced as China … so on. Merchant capitalists are inclined to request items for themselves. They are working out of self-interest. However, they did not exploit the means of production; they used the way everything was produced. Merchants would buy goods and resell them for a lot more money. Absolute estate and merchant capitalism start to get along as the absolute state gives monopolies to the merchants in order to suppress their revolt. (Peasants shut down easily). Companies begin to charter over to NA. Exploration such as Cartier who brings prisoners with him to NF in order to dig holes for gold has led us to where we are. Mercantilism and ‘Canada’ in the Atlantic World. The slave trade drove the Trans- Atlantic Triangle. Fisherman in Acadia provided slave owners with cod to feed the slaves. Mercantilism: Tariffs are set so that they will only trade with them, no foreign investment, colonies provide raw goods and buy products. Fixed unit of trade in Canada: m-b, which was made beaver pelts. The beaver pelts are turned into a currency by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Hudson’s Bay Company Charter 1670: Granted Rupert’s land made up 4
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