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HIST 124
Steven J Maynard

Last Call: Booze and the Regulation of Leisure Monday January 28 2013 1668 Jean Talon opened the first brewery in Canada. In Quebec. The Molson family nd opened their brewery making it Canada’s 2 oldest company. Alexander Keith in Halifax. Lebat in London, Ontario in 1847. Before liberal capitalism, booze had lots of implements: Health measure—whisky helped the cold, rye to keep them warm; drinking water was sometimes unsafe and booze had healthy water; booze were cheaper than milk; health insurance wasn’t given to people who didn’t drink; members of parliament were known to drink; working class were known to drink half a quart/day, some were known for being paid in rum/whisky—absence of liberal capitalism (no use of cash); 19 century, taverns were ever, Toronto: 1 tavern for every 120 people in the town, taverns were used for social an political as well: housed rebellions, unions; predominantly male spaces. Joe beef’s canteen in Montreal in the late 1860s: becomes hot spot… where is this going. Had an arrangement of animals that lived in the bar. His most favourite were his drinking bears: literally drank beer. Notion of working class behaviour. Point is that the tavern was more than a place to drink: it was a socia
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