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HIST 124
Steven J Maynard

Setting the Stage for Liberal Capitalism: Immigration 1760-1850 Monday October 29, 2012 Significant groups of immigration to Canada: Irish, Scottish, and the Loyalists. The Maritimes get 30,000 loyalists: St. Johns in the valley. 1791 – The loyalists get Upper Canada after they demanded their own province. Mythbusters: Loyalists.  The loyalists bring with them their loyalty and high social standard. High maintenance aristocrats. They are elitists. Explains Canada’s modern acceptance of authority.  There were blacks and aboriginals who were loyalists Biggest urban center: Shelburne, Nova Scotia. May 4 1783 huge ship carrying loyalists arrives in Shelburne. Population grows to 8,000 very quickly. By 1787, 300 houses were deserted. The artisans and tradespeople weren’t interested in tapping into the fish market of the east coast. They were from urban areas: did not fit in to Shelburne. Citizens begin to demand for representation in the government: Gov. feels threatened that the colony will turn into revolution all over again. 55 Loyalists in St. John demand 5000 acres of land. 1785: Governor Carlton has an election, which forms a party opposed to the 55 loyalists. A election riot ensues and the army is called in to break it. The party wins seats and Carlton works to rid them: too much to handle. Loyalists were politically divided. Some were conservatives. Starting King’s college. Didn’t allow other religions to enter – was the government. Not the loyalists. The biggest case to bust the myths were the blacks. Britain guarantees American slaves freedom if they fight for the army. Even though blacks were free – they still had a heard time. They had many skills in trades that could have helped Shelburne – allows them to compete in the market. However, white loyalists still have slaves. Strange mix. Law passed to ensure no blacks can party – when they disagree, some are arrested. Soldiers force some blacks of Shelburne out
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