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Steven J Maynard

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The Collective Logic of Life Among First Nations September 17 2012 Katarokwi– The original settlement of the Iroquois, which is now Kingston – Mohawk division. Colonization of the past – Lives on through present day – Lives on through the naming of shopping malls (Cataraqui). Expands even to cars (Jeep Cherokee/ Dodge Dakota)  Naming things premodern names gives us relief from our complicated and busy lives  Historians are studying First Nations because it is extremely relevant in Canadian History Historiography: Why are historians studying what they are? How does relate to modern world? At the beginning of the 15 century the first nations had a population of 100 million. They controlled all exports to Europeans.  Military was stronger and could cast off the Europeans if saw fit  First nations are no longer viewed as noble savages  Now viewed as capable intelligent beings  Only a few would discount the capabilities of the First Nations 1604: New France  125,000 Indians in the “immediate vicinity” of New France  3,000 French  First Nations spoke 12 major dialects (astonishing to the Euros) There are many groups of Aboriginals: Generalization is impossible. Except for the social formation structure under which they operate. The central idea of the Kin Ordered Social Formation was collectivity. The Kin-Ordered is on the next page. Economic System: The way you worked – what you farm, how much is all determined by the kinship. It was based on collective needs, not by profit. Large fields of wheat belonged to the people
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