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HIST 124
Steven J Maynard

Week10- Panopticons, Poverty, and Power: Liberal Order Comes to Kingston 12 November, 2012 I. The Flogging of Peter Charboneau -someone who didn‟t stop laughing? Idk, missed the beginning of lecture II. Lord Sydenham: Liberal and Lothario -lived in Alwington House, rode from there to Kingston for his official appointments -not all appointments were work-related, loved wine and women -fell off his horse, no witnesses but was in a hurry because he was with a woman and forgot he had a meeting back home. Because of this, got lockjaw and died 15 days later. -left 200 pounds to domestic servant -replaced by Sir Charles Bagot, then he died. -Sydenham was suspicious of the Family Compact, but also suspicious of those on the left -torries rename themselves „liberal conservatives‟ -all parties shared the principle, centred on the primacy of the individual and many freedoms (speech, press, private property, etc) th III. Property and Poverty in Mid-19 -Century Kingston A. Men of Property -mechanics institute are the precursors to public library system -workers would end their work day whenever they felt like it -first people who would work for wages -people who employed the workers would want them to work when they wanted them to work, but the workers didn‟t understand the concept B. Proletarians and Poop -people went after private property if they wanted to get someone where it hurts -would smear houses with poop C. Garrisons and Grog Shops -136 taverns serving 8000 people -within 180 yards, 13 drinking houses, 2 taverns under one roof.. Kingston was a drinking town -middle class would look down on the people and were worried about having no order -needed people whose behaviours were more congruent with the principles of liberal order- punctual, sober, law abiding, respectful of private property. -the people required reform, state and quasi-state institutions were formed, all involved in discipline IV. Panopticons and Punishment: the Kingston Pen -before the rise of the prison, punishment was often public. People put in the pillar in the market square by city hall, also sometimes banished (he is not one of us, he will never be one of us. Soz, visualizing Kovu walking away elohel) -instilled discipline and moral order behind the walls -Jeremy Bentham was a philosopher, utilitarian, foremost liberal thinker, friends with Sydenham -developed the panopticon, so guards can see into each individual prisoner‟s cell without being seen themselves. Feeling of constant surveillance, so behaviour is altered accordingly. Instill self-discipline V. Disciplining the Proper Liberal Subject -City hall was so grand because Kingston was the capital city of Canada -then it switched to Montreal and Toronto
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