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Lecture 2

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Queen's University
HIST 124
Steven J Maynard

Week 2- The Collectivist Logic of Life Among First Nations 17 September, 2012 I. From Katarokwi to Kingston: The Historical Present -Kingston and Queen‟s sit on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Peoples. -Katarokwi-> Cataraqui-> Frontenac-> King‟s Town-> Kingston -think of First Nation‟s history as a long time ago; that makes us feel better about our stressful present so we give those names to shiny new commodities. -Dodge Dakota, Jeep Cherokee, Cataraqui Centre, etc. II. The New First Nations History -Historiography: trying to figure out why historians study what they study A. Demolishing Some Myths -17 century constitute the majority of population in North America, strong enough to expel the Europeans if they wanted to. -After 16 century, First Nations Peoples significantly outnumbered the French, but it was still called New France III. Overview of the Major Language/ Cultural Groups -Spoke 12 major langue groups, many dialects. Many people spoke more than their own language. -Used the term „Iroquois‟ to classify people who spoke a language group; same with Algonquin -Prairies, main focus was hunting buffalo for meat, hides. Incl. Blackfoot, Plains Cree -Ran buffalo off cliffs to kill them… Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump in Alberta -West Coast oriented to salmon fishing “The Salmon People” rich, secure life due to the bounty of the sea -North, Inuit. Chase caribou, created kayaks and sophisticated tackle to hunt whales and seals. IV. A Kin-Ordered Social Formation -Social formation was dramatically different from our own A. What is a Social Formation? -Social Formation: tool to compare the economic, political and social characteristics of different societies -How, when, why different social formations came into contact and replaced each other to find out how we became a liberal capitalist society. B. What is a Kin-Ordered Social Formation? Social Formation #1: longest running; associated with First Nations.. Kin Ordered Social Formation. (Society organized by kinship and family/clan, related by culture and heritage) Social Formation: Kin-Ordered Economic System: Political Organization: •Production for use, not private gain •non-state, non-nation •No private property •Non-hierarchal; leaders with strictly limited authority •consensus decision-making •Needs determined on collective, not individual basis •no class division between producers and non-producers Social Relations: •Based on kinship •Beyond binary gender; included 3rd /4th genders •Generally more equal status a
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