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Lecture 3

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HIST 124
Steven J Maynard

Week 3- First Nations Confront the Newcomers 24 September, 2012 I. The „Fatal Impact‟ Debate A. Trade - Aboriginals had been trading with each other for many years - Alexander Mackenzie realized this when he arrived at the site and they had things from other parts of the country before Europeans had arrived - Aboriginals dominated trade circles, eager to trade for iron, steel, woven fabric -aboriginals enjoy “middle position” to maintain control - Aboriginals demanded a metaphorical kin-related way of trading - father couldn‟t hold direct power over his children, he had to be generous to the people in his group - each year they wold meet in Montréal to have a feast and receive the gifts from the Europeans - Europeans had to learn to speak native languages to trade with them B. Disease and Drink - disease may have been the most potent weapon of European colonization - smallpox, for example, decimated native peoples - culturally significant as it may have undermined aboriginal belief in their own religious traditions - immunity to certain diseases caused the natives to belief that the Europeans had a special spirituality -Impact of alcohol: Europeans traded rot-gut to the natives for fur C. Religion: The English vs. The French Approach - Jesuits came to North America -Exchange of people was customary to trust, so natives weren‟t surprised when the Jesuits came. This began cultural revolution - Jesuits tried to control everything so some natives killed and ate them……………………………... - told them they had to change many things in order to be saved, not many did - Jesuits had outlook that they can Christianize native people and allow them to have certain aspects of their lifestyles still - Jesuits demanded they abandoned all old religious practices, respect the body as flesh about to be mortified: put coals between their toes, roll on thrown, etc -no consulting shamans -berdache was regarded as non-Christian - abandoned berdache :( - if you didn‟t do this, you went to hell - more successful in converting white people to aboriginal ways than the other way around “go native” II. Undermining First Nations and the Kin-Ordered Social Formation A. Gradual and Uneven Transformation Across Time and Space - kin ordered social formation eventually undermined - two way process to convert natives to white mindset i. Maritimes and
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