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HIST 125

Week 1 Sept 12 2011 *No notes first day discussion about the EU and a map of Europe activity* Week 1 Sept 14 2011 Europe and War  War = Territory = Power  Platonic Map – Jerusalem as center of the World (map) by the 16 C Atlantic became Center of the World  Portugal, Spain began exploring Africa and Americas coastal countries exploited the sea advantages  Ideas shift towards exploring and new discoveries  Time of Reformation 1597 Lutheran questioned Catholics  Need to recovery resources from New World to found European affairs – mercantilism  Via for power in Baltic due to ship building resources – Britain and Dutch later shifting Britain view to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick  Small states (plenty and easy to manipulate and gain advantages)  Hapsburg Austria, Russia became interested in Turkey  France wants to preserve their trading partner Turkey th  17 C European powers relied on mercantilism and to exploit New World resources  Conflict more focused on negotiations  Empires arise and fall by the end of the 17 Ch  Britain, Russia and Prussia have a stable country and see great expansion in economics giving them the foundation and edge to wage war
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