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Lecture 6

HIST 125 2011 Week 6 Oct 17 & 19.docx

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HIST 125

Week 6 October 17, 2011 Agricultural Revolution  Recognize 18 century rural Europe little changed since the Medieval times  Same machinery and techniques  Stagnant  80% of people in Western Europe earned money off the land (exception of Holland)  For every 5 bushels only 1 was sewn in Po Valley, Italy France even less  Famines/crop failures every 8-9 years  A common occurance  Said “the living could barely carry the dead”  1727-1739 – road spread with dying bodies  Relfectiuon of primitive agriculture  Fields  Open  No land clearance  Lack of crop rotation  Private and communal property for farming  Rotation of famine  Eastern Europe serfs still exist no incentive to improve land  Because if improvements were made they would be made to work longer to make even more  Which all surplus goes to the landlord  Significant changes in land outlook  By introducing new tools  Acquire mere land  Netherlands great sea power and highly populated  Early signs of Urbanization provoking Capitalist farmers  Pockets of urbanization with farmers growing more to meet demand  Netherlands, Po Valley  Resistance to improvements to prevent Nobles demanding more of the peasantry  Small peasant landowners of France lacked money to have large improvements  Britain caught on the Revolution of Agriculture  Prior to 1704 lack of desire for improvement  1760’s and on more landowners became interested in improvements  Standard for long-term lease from 20-even 90 years at a set fixed rate allowing for more incentive to increase yield (lock in amount they owed, s
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