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HIST 125

th Week 5 Oct. 10 2011 Industrial Revolution  Key Terms and People of the Industrial Revolution  Cottage Industry  John Kay – Flying Shuttle 1733  James Hargreaves – Spinning Jenny 1768  Richard Arckright – Water-Framed Spinning Machine 1773  Edmund Cartwright – Power Loom 1787  James Watt – Steam Engine  New Lanark – Early Industrial Site of Cotton Manufacturing  David Dale – Founder of New Lanark  Robert Owen – Proto-Socialist owner of New Lanark from 1814-1825  Aspects th the Industrial Revolution  18 C primarily rural based  Small workshops out of the home  Revolution emphasized change from hand tools to steam power yet was reflected upon and changed various other aspects of life  Rural Europe still conservative and still run by the elites/aristocrats  Aristocrats power began to decline / workers gain power  Industrialization brought democratic secularization  Britain had the capital (GDP/MONEY) the continent did not therefore industries were really pushed  New roles for families developed  Centralized bank and other organization/institutions were created for individuals and industries  Location of industries were effected and were able to move into close/central areas  Need a work force, market, agriculture revolution / transport revolution = all of society needs a revolution  England is prime target for revolution  No more than 70 miles from the coast at any given time  Lots of rivers for transportation and power  Varied topography = a varied productions  Mass foreign colonial market  Exports to the Americas increased over 600%  Emergence of Capitalism  Ideal entrepreneurs mind set  Increase into consumption  Move away from the Noble Countryman  Cotton mills were the path to success  Industry based on family life to provide extra income  Series of revolutions 
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