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HIST 125

Week 12 November 28, 2011 Another Industrial Revolution?  Late 19 century  1870-1914 unique period o With a down turn in economics leading to a depression 1870-1890 o New expansion I urban growth  Morality rates drop  Literacy rates increase  New employment – especially women  Generally living conditions improved  Work hours decreased o Working class found time for leisure  1889 – Paris hosted international exhibition showing off the Eiffel Tower  New inventions – telephone care etc  Beneath glimmer and glam all the problems off expansive and quick industrialization still there  Steel lead the way o Henry Bessemer found a way to make steel quick and easier stronger, cheaper from pig iron nd  The Warrior is a symbol of the 2 industrial revolution o Obsolete in 10yrs  Electrical technologies o 1881 England power plants o Safer travel electric lamp posts o Stores, homes  Late 1918 – small percent of homes are equipped for electric o Whole new development of schools and industries  Imperialism is key to a thing as simple as powering a light bulb  Hoovers, stoves, electricity  Transforms women‟s lives giving them „independence‟ to do domestic tasks themselves  Some countries industrialize due to the provision of electricity  Germany become leading in electrical components  Cost of clothes down due to the sewing machine  Incentive of resources lead to imperialism  Internal combustion engine / diesel engine  Lots of changes – domino effect  1900 population centred on urban areas throughout Europe  Very densely packed slums  1850-1891 population grows almost four times  Wealth gap more prominent  Alcoholism – ¼ of the wages were spent on alcohol – rose as an issue  Drugs being used  1/3 of people in Europe had
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