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HIST 208
Peter Campbell

Week 11-208 November 20 th 2012 Hubert Aquin (1929-1977)  Radical Fringe  Connection with the land  Connection with the past, rebellions of 1837-38 Pierre Vallieres (1938-1998)  FLQ member  Extremely radical  Speaking for the working class  A nationalist and Marxist mixed analysis  Goes back and forth  In French-Canadian society alcoholism, suicides and oppression was a huge part of society up until 1960s  Comparing the situation of French-Canadians to that of African-American slaves in the US  Draws examples of Vietnamese and other colonized peoples attempts at independence, and says why aren’t we fighting back? Bilingualism and Biculturalism Ramsay Cook Says… Henri Bourassa (1868-1952)  Grandson of Louis Joseph Papineau  Member of parliament and Quebec Legislature  In 1910 He founded Le Devoir Newspaper  Was elected as both a liberal and an independent  Believed Canada should be based on an equal partnership of French and English  Have to get over the conqueror conquered to live together  Key link between Bourassa and Trudeau was Andre Laurendeau Andre Laurendeau (1912-1968)  Young nationalist, influenced by Abbe Lionel Groulx  A new conquest, the economic conquest of Quebec  In mid 1930’s was a member of a nationalist organization called Jeune Canada  Young Canada, largely composed of young Canadian intellectuals  Laurendeau was at a Jeune Canada counter conference  The same year Hitler was at a conference opposing how the Jews of Germany were being treated  This is why history is important, people change, we cannot simply fix their personalities  Laurendeau says the persecution of Jews in Germany is not really happening, but the oppression of French Canadians is. In 1933  1935, went to France to continue his studies, became increasingly concerned about Nazism and studied with Andre Siegfried  Siegfried wrote a book in 1907 called the “Race Issue in Canada”  Laurendeau returned in 19
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