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HIST 208
Peter Campbell

History 208 Week 10 Lecture 1 th November 13 2012 Cooks argument  In English Canada we do not have heroes and inspiring national history  “English-Canadians have an underdeveloped national consciousness”  No Myths or Myth makers, no great romantic historical events (like the American Revolution)  Even the Conquest of 1760’s cannot be celebrated because it involves conflict and English-Canadians shy away from conflict  It all results in anemic nationalism  Hates ethnic nationalism  Very few national heroes (John A. MacDonald is as close as it comes)  French-Canadians have been much better at historical worship then English  English-Canadians have failed to realize the importance of historical myths in the national pride in building a nation  French Canada has a sense of mission, prior to the Conquest, it was a catholic mission but after Conquest the mission was survival of the French culture.  Could argue against Cook’s claim of no myths by saying that we do, Canada as a Peacekeeping nation.  Also, the myth of the north -Multiculturalism  Has become the Canadian identity for most young Canadians French-Canadian Historians-Nationalists Francois-Xavier Garneau 1850s  French-Canadian historian  Already in mid 19 century survival is important for French-Canadians  Liberal nationalists rather than catholic nationalist th  But gets republished in late 19 cent. To give the impression that he is strictly in line with the Catholic church  Becomes more Catholic in late 19 early 20 cent, contrary to popular belief Traditional Clerical > Nationalism Catholic Religious -Catholic church, is suspicious of the state, believes that most of the social concerns that we would now think of, such as education and health, should be looked after by the Church not the state in Quebec. Were scared of liberalism from the state. Lionel Groulx 20s and 30s, most important French-Canadian successor to Garneau  French-Canadians are a chosen race  His nationalism was embedded in the history
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