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Lecture 3

HIST208 Lecture 3: HIST Week Two Day One

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HIST 208
Christo Availis

Week Two September 16, 20158:30 AM Day One: September 21 The broad strokes of contact Colonization took longer in North America as resources were not as popular as precious metals Bruce Laying out contact narratives, how the euros saw contact and how aboriginals saw contact Process is multifaceted and multigenerational Romantic: Conrad Black school of through, understanding how human nature is and how humans interact with each other, takes the view that cultures are unique Rationalistic: same experiences everyone goes through, resources, environment and relationships In the end he agrees with the rationalistic view The romantic becomes less and less prominent through the times, it quickly dies out when they see the explorers as inferior Economic activity Trading: They lacked transportation Did they always trade rationally They trade for things like pots and pans and they would be buried with their pots and pans, these items became sacred for them They are interacting in a romantic sort of way As contact becomes more prevalent the view becomes more rationalist than romantic Aboriginals had sophisticated trading processes which is why the diseases spread As the networks became more rationalistic the stories of the history became mor
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