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“My Canada Includes Sodomy,” or the “Utterly Confused Category” in Canadian History I. Sodom of the North and the Unknown Drummer of New France, 1648 II. Sexual Meanings: New France and British North America A. The Law and the Colonial Procreative Imperative B. Gender: i. Alexander Wood: The Molly from Muddy York, 1810 ii. Women as Sodomites? C. Race: Sodomy and Slavery – Prince and John Smith, Halifax, 1777 D. Class: Transgressing Class Lines – Lt. Nicolas Daussy, 1691; George Markland, 1838 E. Sodomitical Social Spaces: military, seminary, convent III. Sexual Regulation: Community vs State Forms of Regulation A. Community i. Gossip ii. Banishment iii. Charivari B. State i. Legal Regulation IV. Sexual Politics: Sodomy -- Sexual Identity or Political Slur? – from New France to India V. Assignment: Don’t describe the website/ critique; it can take very different forms; the critique is applying some of the concepts to the website chosen; focus in on a particular argument (the timeline); one really critical idea; that idea, wanna get right upfront. Paper should be organized based on our own argument. Concepts – most of the concepts do not belong to any particular person; no sourcing I. Sodom of the North and the Unknown Drummer of New France, 1648 Sodom of the North • 2010 – Canada hosted the G20 Summit of World Leaders; prompted massive public protest; Toronto; primarily over global economic issues; what did she mean? My Canada includes sodomy – echoes the federalist slogan “ My Canada includes Quebec” when they threaten to separate. My Canada includes sodomy = the coupling of sex and nation. o The libidinal affect that binds me to Canada o “True patriot love”/ “Gens du pays c’est votre tour de vous laisser parler d’amour” o Binds the citizen to the nation • The sign strikes as a clever universalist gesture o Sex is not just a minority issue rather it is something central to global economic issue • The sign makes us wonder what her relation is to sodomy; a women that is demanding the inclusion of sodomy • Sodom has deep and diverse roots in Canadian history • Sodomy? o Prison scenes? (don’t drop the soap); Marsala in Pulp Ficton “I’m gonna get Midieval on your ass”; Music, The Pogues - Sodomy and the Lash; o Generally sodomy is a man-on-man • Sodom in the Canadian historical activity have a broader meaning; in time and place has changed • Sodom and Gomorrah o Two cities; bad things happening in the cities • Where does o Halifax; 17??  Someone opens a church, people accuse him of unbecoming behavior, they leave and open another church; the new preacher is called Jessop, his first sermon is about Sodom and Gomorrah o Ontario, 1831  Journalist; brothels in Toronto, he writes about it, here Sodom stands in for female prostitution; Catholics cast Sodom o Upper Canadian Rebellions, Fought in Sodom  Col. McNabb; Ontario was home to a couple towns called Sodoms; Called Sodom because of the loggers love for booze o 1877, author on the History of Montreal  The fate of Sodom and Gemorrah is similar to Montreal. Referring to general lawlessness o 1899;  Questions for home Sunday school lessons; lessons included questions from Sodom and Gemorrah, told to run away from the cities and never look back, Edith (Loth’s wife) looks back and is turned into a pillar of salt – as she was sodomite friendly o Hershel Island, Yukon  Composed, Sodom of the Arctic – drunkenness, gambling and loose women  Tabloids in the 1920 o 1935, Provincial elections of Alberta  Edmonton declared as Sodom and Gemorrah of the West o Sodom on the Lake • Canada a Sodom from coast to coast to coast o Served as a palce name from biblical / sometimes queera and sometimes staright/ sometimes something sexual but other times about drunkenness o Foucault – Sodomy … that utterly confused category • Sexuality is a produced and is shaped by a multitude of historical pressure • Far from a singular essence • Will use sodomy to display how sexuality is a product of a wide range of historical forces The Unknown Drummer • The blog – attention that exist between socialism nd constructionism • “New France’s first sodomite” – 1648 • See evernote II. Sexual Meanings: New France and British North America A. The Law and the Colonial Procreative Imperative • Sodomy also called buggery • The two main offenses and used interchangibly • Derived from religious text and entered the legal texts later • Refered to a sin or crime that anybody was capable of commiting • Legal category did not pertain to same sex alone • Were guilty of sododmy – male person wo carnally new any man or women was guilty of sodomy/ any 14 year old and older who let themselves be carnally known per anum. • The sentence could be life in prison • The law made no distinction between men and women • Makes no reference to homosexual sodomy or heterosexual sodomy – because those labels did now exist yet • Anti-sodomy laws were aimed at acts and not identities o Sex with animals o Anal sex between men o Anal sex between men and women • What do all those acts have in common? Not reproductive • North American colonial context – population needs to grow o Need people to set up North America o Oral sex is included in sodomy as well • Encourage population growth o Fille du Roy o “No unproductive spreading of the seed” • Discouraged any sexual act that did not lead to procreation • To be a sodomite was to be a legal subject – an illegal sexual act • Sodomy refers to consentual sexual activity – even between husband and wife o Law as a form of deterance • Crucial distinction between sexual acts and sexual identities o All the o What they do share are similar acts who share the same legal issue B. Gender: i. Alexander Wood: The Molly from Muddy York, 1810 • Monument to Wood; a malicia officer, justice of the peace in York (early Toronto) • Toronto’s gay pioneer • What makes • Wood drawing upon his authrotiy of justice of the peace a women came to him saying she had been sexually assaulted • Wood said bring me these guys and under the pretext of looking for the perpretrator • He asks the men accused to drop their pants • Gossip strats to circulate • Branded Wood a molly • The monument uses some suspect language, the mainstream media unveiling of the monument was very twisted o Language is crucial – not simply talking about different names o An 1810 molly is not the same thing as a 21 c. gay men • What should we call Wood? Historian referred to him as a bachelor, use the term employed by people at the time = a molly o We learn very little from the monument o Molly used for prostitutes o Molly – slang, derogatory name for a gay man” – on statue o Reflected the significance of gender and efeminincy o About your sense of gender presentation o Extravagent crossdressing o Refer to each other in women’s names •
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