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HIST240 lecture september 9.odt

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HIST 240
Tim Smith

HIST240 September 9 2013History of public policymain issues for the coursethe rise of the state the eclipse of private charityThe rise of rich democratic middle class societiesMajor developments in rich nationswhy we went from one sort of society to the other citizenshipbased and how did this happenThe rise of mass schooling and universal male suffrage then universal suffrage the vote for allIndustrialization warfare and the growth of the statethe link between the three Example during the wars when temporary taxes were introduced that eventually became permanentimpact of the great depression legacy of great depression in both the intellectualpolicy sense and in the economic senseWhat kind of impact did the great depression have on the future of the nationsThe role of the state in the economyPost WWII planningNationalizationsThe rise and fall and rebirthOf statismEconomic planningThe Glory Age of Capitalism roughly 19451973 or a bit later and life in the shadow of the glory ageIn which a rise in tide was lifting allmost of the bottom 90 and leaving the rest behindwhen the working class was getting a better deal than the rich onesThe great compressionsThis is when those at the bottom were being dragged up and those a
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