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HIST 240
Tim Smith

Carolyn Simard HIST 240rdSeptember 23 2013 Before the Welfare State Charity and Assistance 1 Poverty Public Assistance and Public Order in Early Modern Europe pre1789The Workhouse Most obvioius institutions these institutions would persist thwell into the 19 century First workhouse in Amdesterdamn Deservingunderserving poor The central problem of the poor was surviving and the crucial problem of the rich was the poor10 of the population would receive poor relief but 3050 would seek help this is in the 2 wealthiest nations 1880s the industry began working conditions housing condition began to trickle down into middle classThe Role of the Stateo No large role of the state not enough wealth to redistributeo In 1880s there is an under o Fatalism not optimism governed public policy as far as poor people were concernedo More social spending as a country gets richerrdo France 1750 13 of 1 percent on public assistanceo France 1860 04 percent on public assistanceo Prosperity comes first redistribution comes secondo Central states were providing very little because of their lack of taxation and more concerned with law and order military protecting borders ndo 1870 2 industrial revolutiono Towns cities churches charity were in charge of public assistance What did the People Expect of the Stateo Very little expectation from people until Britain started getting richer and the gap between the rich and poor became very obvious o Communication of knowledge was much easiertho Prior to the late 19 century no one is concerned with public assistance Charity Began at Home The Principle of Local Responsibility of the Pooro Most European peasants would not have an idea of the state o As late as 1870 most poor Europeans probably wouldnt have traveled more that 100km from their house very little sense of natural identity
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