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Lecture 22

HIST 242 Lecture 22: HIST 242B W11L22

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Queen's University
HIST 242
Christo Aivalis

HIST 242B W11L22 Thursday, March 20 2017 March 30: The Re-emergence and Decline (?) of Social Conservatism • Clark Banack, God’s Province: Evangelical Christianity, Political Thought, and Conservatism in Alberta (Montreal-Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2013), Chapter 5, up to page 180. • James Farney, Social Conservatives and Party Politics in Canada and the United States (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012) Chapter 7 * Lecture • Covering modern context of modern conservative movement. • People see Justin Trudeau PM elected as time of Social Conservatisms death: o Fiscally conservative, socially liberal. • Look at Niagara-West Glenbrook MP elected, and then Trump elected as President. o Trump gave his speech: ▪ Wasn’t about attacking economic privilege, or tearing down trade relations, or anything about robbing Americans but to build a wall to keep out rapist Mexicans – what he chose to make defining moment as entrance to the race. ▪ When Romney lost in 2012, what Republican party thought: learn from Stephen Harpers conservatives at time – recently won majority government based in part not on losing Social conservatives, but winning support among people who were socially conservative, but not part of movement (non-white conservatives: Sikhs, Hindus, east- Asians). • Based on fact: recruiting new kinds of conservatives, never been reached by conservatives for – voting Liberals because emphasising multicultural aspect. • Government in power when come to Canada, disproportionately likely to support – Liberals being in power for so long in high immigration period steeped that, but this starting to break apart – second generations. • While Harper said have to preserve old stock Canadians, inclusive in a way: o Harper didn’t get rid of social conservative issues, but relegated them. ▪ Headdress ban during citizenship ceremony. o But he didn’t open debate on abortion, or gay marriage, majority of his cabinet rejected reopening of abortion debate, Harper able to move conservative past gay marriage debate and able to move past the fear mongering: o One of the fears was that this new conservative party be like Republican party, and then new PC party: based predominantly in Ontario Eastward, not had a lot of support because vote being split between Reformed right wingers, and PC right wingers (general centrist, pro-business – broad tent.) • Conservatives face difficulty because Liberal party federally able to say: if give conservative (merged), under Stephen Harper, then they will take away women’s rights, ban abortion, make homosexuality a crime, etc. • Liberals were able to stafe off Conservative party, but by 2006 , Liberal scandals building and Conservative party unified was able to form government- 2008 closer to majority, 2011 – Harpers ability to moderate party on social issues, keep right wing position on right wing issues (slashing GST) able to convince people that not much to be afraid of. • 2011: more than ever before, Conservatives able to reach out and expand idea of what is a conservative: not just stereotypical white hillbilly. Also immigrant family of engineers – traditional social views. o Jason Kenny more effective then this. Going to all parades, and getting all pictures taking, writing conservative ads in other languages to win these communities in way NDP and liberals weren’t doing. • Lost 2015 election: many reasons why, debate: o Did Harper lose because governments lose? Or did he mess up somewhat? (part wants to move left? But then =) o Hubbub: Kellie Leitch – a lot of views that Conservative Party needs to embrace what Trump revealed, white nationalism. o Creation of a white nation: is that sense, but not just that – is also that trying to keep these racialized conservatives, but not all of them – defined in party by a secular movement, but also a deeply Islamic one. Kind of move they trying to take. o United States: Trumps rhetoric in favour of African Americans – trump did well among most racialized groups, compared to Romney and McCain. o What looking at here: trying to recreate what Trump did – departure from last 10 years of Conservative Party. o Last Stage of Conservative leadership race: ▪ Not about liberals and NDPS critiquing NDPS, debates within Conservative party. o Mosque shooter in Quebec: harshest critique of Kellie Leitch was Mike --, fellow conservative – called her a hate mongered, that this was on her and her wing of the party (racists, islamophobias). • The war on traditional values ahs created a lost, angry, confused, generation: o Rebel newspaper: right-wing Ezra Levant. ▪ Debates: balance various factions – capture this defence of social conservatism: o First person – Lauren Southern: she is (some call her a white supremacist), attacked Jewish people, recently left Rebel maybe because runner Ezra is a Jew (Zionist): talking about the loss of social values – not conservatism about lower taxes, or free markets ▪ Traditional social conservatism. ▪ Deconstructed social values: religion, race, gender roles, nuclear family to understand them. In academia, in spaces of liberal elite, deconstruct things to destroy them. ▪ Causing generation to be lost in it – destroying things “as innate as gender”. ▪ She saying – one of problems lost way because even started to question basic building blocks like gender. ▪ The left, the modernists, not about choice, it’s denigrating the house wife and venerating someone like a woman who wants to be a lawyer. ▪ Set up in idea that society is crumbling. ▪ Form of social conservatism – not expressly using a lot of religious argument (briefly mentioned): hers is a more secular social conservativism, all of modern progressive movements are setting us back, throwing out all good things from traditions that hold value (like patriotism and family), and modern world where people are disconnected, individualistic, etc. are bad. • Creates a conflict because on economic conservatism, individualism and selfishness are good, greed is good. Not compatible with this in a lot of ways – combatable with certain aspects of socialism. • Attetnion Conservatives! Here’s the left’s dirty little secret about social issues video: o Debate: Conservatives lost the 2015 election because embraced social conservatism (headdress issue) o He’s challenging this issue: need to conserve 3-pronged conservative movement. o Social conservative, economic conservatism, third: defence conservatism – cant be strictly small government, focused on idea of robust military of expression of ones conservatism, elements of social and economic conservatism but under assumption that military owned by military people, form of economic intervention. o What he’s saying: ▪ Conservatives didn’t face backlash from voting turnout, but didn’t get new voters – not a collap
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