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HIST 250 Winter 2013 Lecture Notes

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Queen's University
HIST 250
Laura Carlson

 Continued focus on developing ever-higher barrel arches, along with groin and rib vaulting, but built on a small scale with only a minimal transept o Focus was to get people through the church and out o Saint Sernin, Toulouse (1060)  A true “pilgrim church”  Aisles in the transept, divisions and separations intended to move people through  T- shaped, barrel vaulting  High Romanesque (1070-1150) o “The Transformation of the Wall” o Pre-Romanesque and Early Romanesque  Increasing use of walls to delineate “use” of space  Divisions between choirs, canons, and the laity, etc. o Treatment of the wall as a mass to be shaped and molded inside and out o Focus on manipulating the wall space, playing with exposing the “structure” of the wall  Galleries, windows, bays, etc. o New techniques allow architecture to reach new heights in arches and vaulting o Developments in sculpture and stonework  Close dependence of early monumental sculpture on the minor arts  New emphasis on decorating piers and columns, reminiscent of the classical period  Floral, animal, and interlace design  Sculptural decoration of Church portals o Bibilical scenes, royalty, angels, demons o Santa Maria de Ripoll th  12 c. portal  Christ enthrones amid the symbols of the Evangelists, flanked by two friezes of angels o St Pierre, Moissac, c 1100  Maiestas Domini  Tympanum of south portal  Santiago de Compostela Cathedral: A Blend of Romanesque Styles o T-shaped design, modeled on St Peter’s in Rome o Ambulatory gives access to side chapels  Means by which pilgrims could visit other supplementary altars within church without distributing the liturgical ceremony o Fully developed transept with aisle o Increased height in barrel vaults and continuation of aisles into the transept o All surfaces covered in intricate stonework  Recognizable individuals depicted  Reliquaries and Devotions to Saints o Increased access and availability of relics to a “specialization” of personal piety o Pilgrimage churches, although dedicated to the relics of one major saint, featured a number of smaller or lesser saint’s relics who advocated saintly powers in particular areas o Rise of Marian Devotion
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