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Lecture 2

HIST286 Week 2 Readings

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HIST 286
David Parker

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Latin America in the Nineteenth Century Independence enabled formerly submerged groups artisans and gaucos to enter political arena Opening of Latin American ports to foreign goods established relatively free market in ideas New republican constitutions established the equality of all before the law Until 1870 large compact indigenous populations continued to live under traditional communal landholding systems in Mexico Central American and Andean Region Influence of European racist ideologies after midcentury led to a heightened sensitivity to colour Racism overpowered politics Didnt matter if you were liberal or con Civilization as natural right to take over barbarian lands Cuban Jose Marti Slavery became less economical Gradual Europeanization of elites under way throughout the continent Under the republic social class was supported by dress ponchos vs cloaks Immigrants made fortunes by commerce or speculation Independence did n
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