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2.1 Hist 290, September 17th

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HIST 290
Rankin Sherling

HIST 290 Ireland to 1848 Tuesday, September 17 th Review  Reading quiz on Thursday  Celticness and how it was/why it was associated with Ireland  There was a tribe called the Celts, but they weren’t only in Ireland  Based on archeology it does not appear that the Irish are descendants from Celtic invaders  There is a family of Celtic languages, of which Irish-Gaelic is a member  Lloyd wrote a Archaeologia Britannica in 1707 perpetuating the idea of Celtic languages o Attached the name ‘Celtic’ to the family of tongues which were related to the language of the Ancient Gauls of France  The Book of Irish Invasions o 5 different groups  Descendants of Noah – wiped out by the Famorii  Famorii – the evil sea gods of Ireland  The Fir Bolg – said to be fleeing the continent, short, dark people, slightly magical  The Tuatha De Danaan – demi-gods, children of the goddess Danu, light and goodness, battled the Famorii  The Malesians – soldiers from the Iberian peninsula, seem to have actually been real people o Mil Easpain (soldier of Spain) – important because he’s the progenitor of the Gaels, this is when the Gaels came to Ireland  Dominated culturally, linguistically, etc  Took over Ireland, and from Ireland, took over Scotland  The Gaels didn’t allow people to speak other languages – they truly dominated So early in history that we have to sift between myth and fact  There was no writing in Ireland until 400 CE  When Monks arrived in Ireland they started writing down oral histories (they would rewrite when a manuscript was too old and then throw out the older one – things obviously get lost in the transcription)  The Irish Arnals (1100s CE) – gives us a sort of chronology, allowing us to extrapolate from Irish literature  Ireland was divided with many Kings in the Provinces  Ui Neill conquered the Ulaid eventually (northern Ireland)  Niall of Nine Hostages – of whom the O’Neil’s descended  Gaelic society was very hierarchal, militaristic, and oppressive towards those who were not strong  Those who learned a trade could move up in society  Society was based on cattle – a person’s value depended on what they did, their value was described in cows  You could move up in society, and be worth more in cows – ex. A poet or a harper was worth a lot of cows  They placed great value on poetry and music  High Kings of Ireland didn’t always have a ton of power, sometimes it was just a title  T
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