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4.2 HIST 290, October 4th

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HIST 290
Rankin Sherling

HIST 290 Ireland to 1848 Thursday, October 4 2012 Example of Midterm question: What’s a Derfine and how does it affect Irish succession, and subsequently impact Irish invasion? Kildare Rebellion  Convinces English crown that Ireland cannot be ruled by a group that will become known as the “Old English” (the descendants of the original Anglo- Normans – ex. The Fitzgerald Family)  Lord Deputy of Ireland – the highest position in Ireland under English rule  English influence shrunk to the Pale  The Earls of Desmond and the Earls of Kildare were huge rivals (both Fitzgeralds)  English power straddled the border of the Pale so that they were perfectly comfortable in the Irish and English worlds  Kildare’s participated in the Gaelic tradition of fosterage and married their daughters to the Irish Kings o Had personal relationships with the Irish and the English – they were set up very well o Operated both inside and outside the Pale  1509 Henry VIII came into power o Gerald Fitzgerald (Gearoid Og) was the new Earl  The Earls weren’t necessarily loyal – they were under the thumb of the Kildares  Was put in the tower of London o Put very loyal people in power everywhere – causing problems with Kildare (who decided to prove that he was the only one who could control the Irish Lords) – so he was forced to put people in power he could trust because he saw the Kildares as traitors  The Earls from Ormond – the Butlers, spread a rumor that Henry VIII had executed Gerald Fitzgerald, sending his son into full out rebellion against Dublin o Silken Thomas (the son) was sent to the tower o Gerald Fitzgerald is said to have died of grief o Silken Thomas was made Earl, even though he’s in the tower o He and a few of his uncles were executed  Convinced Henry VIII and the English that the “Old English” cannot be trusted to run Ireland for the crown – brought in the “New English” (courtiers from the Tudor court – had to be English born)  Henry VIII was a Tudor o Wars of the Roses – fought between the House of Lancaster and House of York  Lancaster won when Henry VII killed Richard III  Succession is very important to Henry VII and Henry VIII – the heir had to be recognized by everybody, or else they risked a second War of the Roses – problem if there wasn’t a direct male heir  Henry VIII only had one daughter – couldn’t get an annul
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