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1.2 HIST 290, September 13th

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Queen's University
HIST 290
Rankin Sherling

HIST 290 Ireland to 1848 Thursday, September 13 th Quizzes:  He just wants to know that you’ve read  It’ll be broad enough to prove that you read  Worth 20%  Next week’s will be on week 2 readings, but you still need to know the week 1 readings for the midterm  Quizzes will always be on Thursdays Celts  Indo-European linguistic group  Scotland, Ireland, and Wales are considered Celtic nations  Warrior people  Bagpipes  Google “Celtic images” – you get a lot of Celtic symbols  Google “Celtic goddess” – other worldliness, a lot has been put into mythology  Google “Celtic football club” – considered the team of Celtic-ness, most popular team in Ireland  Today, a move from an archeological sense of Celtic-ness to leprechauns! ... and other Irish stereotypes (drinking, etc.)  Vikings first invaded Ireland in 795 CE and 1096 CE  The Irish were the Irish, so where did the Celts come from? o Lloyd  historical linguist  In Britain and France there’s a group of Celtic languages that are related to each other  Q: Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, Manx – Irish and Scottish Gaelic are extremely close together  P: Britonic (ancient language of the British), Welsh, Cornish (was around in the 1700s), Basque (from a region of Spain/France)  Theory that the languages came over from France (Gaul)  but no way was he going to name the languages after Britain’s rival  Applied, arbitrarily, the name Celtic to all the languages  If the languages are related to each other, then people assumed that there must have been a group of people who spoke those languages  so they started to look for this tribe of people  They started looking for similarities  When you’re looking for similarities, you’re bound to find them  Archeologists didn’t know what to do with things that
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