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3.2 HIST 290, September 27th

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Queen's University
HIST 290
Rankin Sherling

HIST 290 Ireland to 1848 Thursday, September 27 2012th Anglo-Norman Invasions  The sides were more equal than we may have believed  Difficult to figure out what happened because of the resources that we have – lack of sources is problematic  Irish soldiers fought on both sides of the battle – those who cooperated with the Norse were portrayed as traitors  Cavalry and horses weren’t as important as they were in England and France  Norse were seen as superior because they wore more armor – which isn’t totally true  Irish developed naval skills from the Norse  Battle tactics differed  Irish were not unused to battle fortifications  Differences between Irish and Anglo-Norman castles (permanent fortifications)  They didn’t fight that many ‘battles’ – more plundering, raids, and small skirmishes  They weren’t technologically challenged  They used the local population to feed their troops – it was part of your duty to the king to feed his armies States of Kilkenny  Imposing laws on Irish language, style, and culture  Trying to reduce Irish tradition  When the invasion occurred, the Norman’s were speaking French – The King of England, Henry II (his seat was in Normandy)  The English didn’t want the English living in Ireland to be like the Irish  The English saw inter-marriage as a threat  Goal to divide the English living in Ireland and the Irish  Attempt to phase out Irish culture in Ireland Traditional Historical View of the Anglo-Norman Invasion  Irish were simply overmatched (“the Irish threw themselves into battle naked”)  Stone fortresses  Armor  Heavily armored knights  Large scale military operations  Irish defeat between 1166-1172 Irish Nationalist Historians  1366 = Statutes of Kilkenny  Long war of suppression of Gaelic culture in Ireland How did Eng
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