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2.2 HIST 290, September 20th

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HIST 290
Rankin Sherling

HIST 290 Ireland to 1848 Thursday, September 20 , 2012 Religious World in Ireland  431 CE is when Palladius came to Ireland, it was the first recorded date in Ireland  There was human sacrifice in early Ireland – it was part of early Irish religion o We have found 3 examples of this  Cloneycavan man  Oldcroghan man  Cashel man o Found in bogs and sacrificed in similar ways o Standing stone called ‘Crom Cruaich’ where it is consistently recorded that Irish families came and sacrificed their first born child  They really tracked the movement of the sun – St. Patrick calls them ‘sun worshippers’  We don’t know much about practical day-to-day life, and the Irish people wouldn’t have known much either  The druids (the priestly class) guarded the common people from knowing about the religion o The common people just did what they were told  Still traces of pagan religion in Irish life, as well as in our own, today  Samnain – November 1 st o All souls day o The day before: All hallows eve (aka Halloween)  Still celebrate many days that now have a Christian veneer on them  Some gods and goddesses have survived in literature o The Dagda: a title meaning ‘the good’ – as in the Dagda was good at everything  Chief magician  Carried a club that would have taken 8 men to carry otherwise  Defender  He was kind of like a good king  Had a cauldron that never emptied of food  Showed his greatness by eating A LOT  His sexual unions with the goddesses ensured that they would be protected against the bad gods of the sea o Lugh  Younger than the Dagda  Good at certain things  God of chariots, metalwork, healing the sick, poetry, sorcery  He could defeat a whole army single handedly  Known as Lugh of the Long Arm (could throw a spear really far)  Epitome of the Irish hero o Manannan Mac Lir  God of the sea  We don’t know much about him o Brigit, Anu, Dana  3 goddesses  Watched over children  Brought prosperity to any house they visited o The Morrigan, Badb, Macha  Goddesses of battle  Badb and Macha are symbolized by crows  Badb is known as the carrion crow  Macha is known to only eat the heads of warriors on the
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