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8.2 HIST 290, November 1st

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Queen's University
HIST 290
Rankin Sherling

HIST 290 Ireland to 1848 Thursday, November 1 2012st 1798  Later historians try to use it to idealize Catholics and protestants unity  There was no such thing as Methodists until 1791 (they were Anglicans and member of the Church of Ireland – had a particular way of practicing Anglicanism) Wolf Tone Reading  1782 revolution – the constitution of 1782 (called a revolution at the time) o Irish were proud of it, but it wasn’t effective  Government was corrupt  People are divided by sectarianism  Comparison to French and American revolutions  Could be seen as an idealistic document – ignores sectarianism in part o It doesn’t ignore everything – but it is somewhat idealized o Does ignore the violence that sectarianism brings about o Ignore sectarianism as a deeply rooted political problem – people felt oppressed  Ignores the fact that Catholics have problems with Protestants too! o Forgets to tell the Catholics that Protestants aren’t as bad as they think o As a member of the Ascen
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