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9.1 HIST 290, November 5th

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Queen's University
HIST 290
Rankin Sherling

HIST 290 Ireland to 1848 Monday, November 5 2012h Mid-Term Exam  Either didn’t know the story or didn’t answer the question  Answer the question based on the story  Next exam will be graded less leniently  Use the terms he gives us when telling the story  Be able to apply the stories to the questions Be at Grad Club at 1pm on Thursday for class (Barrie and Union)  Order pitchers because there’s so many of us Increase in Population Why? Increase in State Control Constabulary Irish Poor Law Act Education Ordinance Survey  The state became very involved in people’s lives – compared to before when most people’s lives didn’t really cross with the state  Constabulary: o Constables were established throughout the land o From 1814 on, constables governed rural Ireland (which had previously either not be ruled, or ruled by chiefs/property owners)  Irish Poor Law Act: o The state started caring for the poor o Notion that if people were going to be governed, they had the right to expect care from the government (an Enlightenment idea)  A lot of the hatred towards the English government during and after the famine stems from the fact that the government didn’t care for them as it should have  Ordinance Survey: o Geographic, cultural, political, survey from 1821-1826 o Trying to find out everything that they could o When the new government came into effect they realized they knew nothing about Ireland that they should o Went out and recorded everything that they could o Proved assimilation of Scottish Presbyterian culture in Ireland (belief in fairies was common throughout rural Ireland)  Census o 1821 was the start of the census  People were initially opposed to answering census questions because they were afraid that it would raise their taxes or hurt them in some other way  Eventually they started to get more information from people  Most of the census would be lost during the Irish Civil War (they were used to fortify and were blown up) o Pre-famine Ireland is hard to study, because many people didn’t speak English, they only spoke Gaelic – there are many manuscripts that are untouched because historians can’t read them  There’s a lot of resistance in Ireland today to learn Gaelic  Gaelic today is often taught like a dead language (grammatically – taught like Latin)  Such a large number of manuscripts that it isn’t feasible to translate them all Difficulty in reconstructing Pre-Famine Ireland Census Language What can we know? Religion (S.J. Conolly) Economic Structure William Carleton  Religion: o Presbyterianism grew, it really suck its roots in at this point  Divide and conquer was the method o Presbyterians and Catholics were most involved in rebellion – they joined together o English were trying to bring Presbyterians in to being Protestants, they wooed the Presbyterians o First Presbyterian College/Seminary appeared at this point o Church of Ireland waned in its power and influence  There were times when it peaked, when they put tremendous money and effort into conversion, but by the 1820s-40s it was too
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