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6.1 HIST 295, October 16th

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HIST 295
Gordon Dueck

HIST 306 Holocaust: Problems and Interpretations Tuesday, October 16 2012 Britain, America, and the Holocaust (Ch. 7)  A courier smuggled himself into a ghetto to see the conditions and then went and did his research on the death camps o From his findings we know that the Allies knew what was going on long before they took action  The only way to save the Jews was to win the war  1942 the Allies sternly warned Germany that the genocide must stop – so we cannot claim ignorance Canada and the Holocaust  Wistrich only mentions it in passing  1938 – 1945: Jewish refugee crisis o United States took in 200 000 o Palestine took in 125 000 o Britain 73 000 o Argentina 50 000 o Brazil 27 000 o China 25 000 (mostly in Shanghai) o Bolivia and Chile 14 000 o Canada 5000 (less than Bolivia, Chile, and the Dominican Republic)  Dominican Republic at the Evian Conference (1938) o Wanted to do two things  Repair public relations problems  Only wants to take Jews between the ages of 18-40 (marriageable age)  Did the wrong thing for all the wrong reasons during the Evian Conference (1938) o Meant to address the Jewish Refugee Crisis o PM thought Canada should not act on humanitarian grounds – only act with political intention  He read the Canadian public as not wanting Jews  Anti-Semitic values became evident in immigration services  Claimed that “none is too many” Jews for Canada to take in (there’s a book with that title) o Canada likes to think of itself as a moral super-power – well not in this case we weren’t o Canada likes to think of itself as a sanctuary for the oppressed – but the Canadian government did everything it could to bar European Jews from seeking sanctuary  F.C. Blaire (head of im
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