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Lecture 1

HLTH 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Learned Helplessness, Settler Colonialism, Epigenetics

Health Studies
Course Code
HLTH 101
Elaine Power

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HTLH 101 Professor Power 2015-09-15 8:10:00 PM
Real education consists in drawing the best out of yourself -Mahatma
Course Format:
50 mins lecture/week (Professor Power)
75 mins tutorial/week (teaching assistant)
7.5 hrs/week (average) online activity, reading & private study
Expected total time for HLTH 101: 10 hrs/week (averaged over 12 weeks)
Tutorials (small group discussion, led by a teaching assistant or TA)
o Check SOLUS for your tutorial session (numbered 3-31)
o Mandatory attendance + you must attend the tutorial to which you
are assigned
o If you cannot attend a tutorial for a valid reason, contact your TA
well in advance
Course Materials:
Social Determinants of Health by Alan Davidson
A Healthy Society, by Ryan Meili
Ragged Company (novel) by Richard Wagamese
Glossary of Anti-Oppressive Terms
PowerPoint slides posted here
Course Communication
Prof’s Office Hours: Tuesday - 9:30-11am
Email to book an appointment
Put Health 101 in the subject line
Marking Structure
o Online plagiarism tutorial and quiz 3%
o Weekly online mini quizzes 6%
o Online grammar tutorials (5 in total) 2%
o Tutorial writing, activities and quizzes 22%
find more resources at
find more resources at

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o In class quizzes using Top Hat 2%
o Assignments based on the novel
o Novel essay thesis statement and outline 10%
o Novel final essay 20%
o Final proctored exam (scheduled by the admissions office) 35%
Exam period is between 9-23rd of December (Exam accomodations
At least one week notice)
o Do the plagiarism quiz (due 3 october):
o Do the writing and grammar mini quizzes on moodle (closing on the
October 13th)
Week #1 Readings
o Davidson Textbook
o Baggett Article
Week #1 Videos
o What is public health?
o Unnatural causes
Course covers topics like:
o The economy
o Income; poverty
o Income inequality
o Colonialism; racism
o Employment/unemployment
o Climate change
o War
Social Determinants of Health:
o Broadly speaking, the factors that affect the chances that groups of
people have to lead long and healthy lives
find more resources at
find more resources at

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

HLTH 101 Tutorial #1 2015-09-15 8:10:00 PM
o Knowing about what you’re reading
o Explain, describe, identify and recognized what happened
o Understanding how and why
o Thinking beyond
o Goes beyond the facts and what’s happening in the text
o What’s important about what the author is saying
o Positive or negative consequences
o Interpret bigger meaning of novel and what that means in a bigger
o Relating it to things going on in your own life or in the world
o Difference between: Whether you’re just stating what happened in the
novel vs. making connections between certain concepts. (get marks for
making connections only)
Motorcycle Article
o Many states in the Us don’t have laws the require motorcyclists to wear
o Freedom was a key theme: Is it the motorcyclists choice or the
government’s choice to wear helmets?
o Canadians don’t really have a choice (despite some religions)
o Differences between Canada and the states and how the death rates have
increased because of the different cultures
o Becomes a danger for everyone (should we make decisions for an
individual or for the population as a whole?)
o When you are allowing people to have a choice (to wear a helmet or not)
it influences others to not wear a helmet, which puts them in danger.
o Motorcyclists who protest and bully policy and law makers are being
ignorant of the reason as to why the laws were put in place (to lower the
amount of injuries)
find more resources at
find more resources at
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