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Lecture 2

HLTH 101 Lecture 2: DEVS Week 2 Key Terms

Health Studies
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HLTH 101
Elaine Power

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a group of states or countries under a single supreme authority
Common example is the British empire which was the supreme authority
across dozens of states, controlling economies and governance with full
administrative power
Political and economic system involving power wealthy states gaining control
of the economic social and political life of other societies/nations.
Imperialism can involve long distance commercial ties that could involve
direct or indirect political ties and control. It is the extension of power
through diplomacy and or military or commercial force.
The practice of occupying and acquiring political control and administration
over another country settler colonialism' involves large-scale settlements
of people from the colonizing country in order to establish more direct
political administration and economic exploration.
Colonialism is a tool of imperialism.
Scramble for Africa:
invasion, occupation and division of Africa by European powers following the
Berlin Conference in 1884The colonization of Africa involved European
powers splitting up the continent and creating arbitrary borders, The
countries that were created in Africa out of the process resulted in
cultural/language groups being split across borders or separated from
natural resources that were integral to their country
Triangular Trade:
Trading system that created uneven power and economic relations across
the Atlantic. The system involved Great Britain travelling to the continent
of Africa to take slaves to the Americas for harvesting raw materials.
The raw materials were then taken back to Great Britain to be processed into
manufactured, value goods. Great Britain then took these goods and sold
them across Africa and the Americas.
An uneven trading relationship occurred as Great Britain obtained raw
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