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Lecture 1

HLTH 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Group Cohesiveness

Health Studies
Course Code
HLTH 101
Elaine Power

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Week 1: Intro SDoH
HLTH 101: Social Determinants of Health
Course Instructor: Elijah Bisugh
Course Materials
Social Determinants of Health: A Comparative Approach, by Alan Davidson
lullabies for little criminals y Heather O’Neill
Glossary of Terms for Anti-Oppressive Policy and Practice
A Healthy Society: How a Focus on Health can revive Canadian Democracy by Ryan Meili
Journal articles, book chapters and other reading materials available on onQ
Contact Details
Office hours: Mon/Thurs 3:30-4:30 (or by appointment)
Office: KHS 301M
HLTH 101 Head TA Email:
(make sure HLTH101 is on subject line of email, only using queens email)
Before Tutorial
read Public Health Article
read Freeman, Easy Riders article
read The ICE Model
wath/listen to the podasts, espeially what is ideology
What are Social Determinants of Health?
Circumstances in which people grow, live, work and age, and the socio-political systems put
in place to deal with illness.
Access to care
Food/water security
Rewarding employment
Exposure to environmental hazards
SDHs are shaped by...
Underlying political systems
Priorities and policies
Structural inequalities
Politics/the economy
find more resources at
find more resources at
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