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Health 101 Topic 3 Causes of Changes in Human Health Status (abstract) Past 160 years: Reduced infectious disease rates Why in the early 1800’s? 1. SOCIOECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT -1800’s: -increased activism -working conditions improved

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HLTH 101
Glenn Ward

HLTH 101Fall 2010TOPIC 3 CAUSES OF CHANGES IN HUMAN HEALTH STATUSPast 160 years Reduced infectious disease ratesWhy in the early 1800s1SOCIOECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT1800s increased activism working conditions improvedincreased labor lawsincreased educationAll these factors reduced inequality in the population which tends to result in overall better health among the population They increase nutrition and public health usually Less gap in socioeconomic status better health on average2IMPROVED NUTRITIONmalnourishment increased mortality from diseaseIe measles malaria diarrhea tuberculosisIrish Potato Famine increased typhus dysentery ratesThese kinds of diseases decreased as nutrition improved3ADVANCES IN PUBLIC HEALTHi improved sanitationgerm theory of diseasehospitals antiseptics resulted in increase of maternalpostoperation survival and infant survivalgovernment watersewers
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