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Health 101 Topic 7 External Ecology: Societal Factors Potentially Associated with Infectious Disease Risk (abstract) 1/ POPULATION GROWTH 2000: 6 billion people 2050: estimated 9 billion -increase in population could mean increase risk of infecti

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Health Studies
HLTH 101
Glenn Ward

TOPIC 7 EXTERNAL ECOLOGY SOCIETAL FACTORS POTENTIALLY ASSOCIATED WITH INFECTIOUS DISEASE RISK1 POPULATION GROWTH 2000 6 billion people 2050 estimated 9 billion increase in population could mean increase risk of infection Trendsi Urbanization past 50 years 25 of the population of rural has moved to urban estimated by 2030 75 of population in cities underdeveloped countries reduced capacity for infrastructure sewage trash sanitation health care problems increase in crowding reduces sanitation which increases cohabitation with rodents which increases water food vectorborne diseases arthropods like ticks or fleas and bites from cohabited animalsii Pov
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