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Health 101 Topic 8 Combatting Infectious Diseases (abstract) INTRODUCTION -a healthy immune usually is effective in combating disease -few infections require anitibiotics/antivirals 1/ THE IMMUNE RESPONSE -divert/destroy 2 categories: a) N

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Health Studies
HLTH 101
Glenn Ward

TOPIC 8 COMBATTING INFECTIOUS DISEASESINTRODUCTION a healthy immune usually is effective in combating disease few infections require anitibioticsantivirals1 THE IMMUNE RESPONSE divertdestroy 2 categoriesa Nonspecific innate natural response developed from birth no recognition of specific microbes little improvement over time it includes 1 Physical Barriers ie skin mucous membranes 2 Active Removal ie urinary flushing mucsal escalator system cilia in upper respiratory tract 3 Destruction ie lysozymes in tears acids in GI tract phagocytosis monocytes neutrophils and macrophages inflammatory response reddening swelling Monocytes neutrophils eat up microbes Rapid 12 hrs Reduces microbe proliferation fever temperature rises 2 degrees when fighting infection lactoferrin prevents iron binding microbes need iron to surviveb Specific acquired adaptive response used if nonspecific system fails requires recognition of specific microbes develops from experience efficient improvement over time slower if it is the first exposure relies on antigens can be specific ie 1 amino acid in a protein or a molecule ie molecular fingerprints
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