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Lecture 4

HLTH 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Asthma

Health Studies
Course Code
HLTH 101
Elaine Power

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HLTH 101 Lecture 4
Childhood Health
Children in Poverty
Children living in poverty are more likely to suffer from a range of diseases, from
asthma to iron-deficiency anemia
The longer children live in poverty, the more that disadvantage accumulates and the
worse the health effects become
o These are known as cumulative effects
o For example, children who live in households where income rises will grow
more quickly and have higher increases in IQ than children who live in
households with where income remains low.
Pathway effects on health
o This means that experiences in early life experiences affect later life
experiences. One crucial pathway operates through educational attainment,
which is related to childhood socioeconomic position and a predictor of future
socioeconomic position.
o Educational attainment is also an independent predictor of longevity. This
means that as a group, those who have higher levels of education tend to live
longer than those who have lower levels of education.
o Children who live in poverty are more likely to struggle in school. For example,
they more often develop cognitive and behavioural problems, such as learning
disabilities, that make school more difficult.
o O󴊸󴊬󴊩󴊶 󴊪a󴊧󴊸󴊳󴊶󴊷 a󴊷󴊷󴊳󴊧󴊭a󴊸󴊩󴊨 󴊻󴊭󴊸󴊬 󴊴󴊳󴊺󴊩󴊶󴊸y a󴊰󴊷󴊳 a󴊪󴊪󴊩󴊧󴊸 󴊧󴊬󴊭󴊰󴊨󴊶󴊩󴊲’󴊷 󴊴󴊩󴊶󴊪󴊳󴊶󴊱a󴊲󴊧󴊩 󴊭󴊲
Getting sick more often means lower school attendance, which then
compounds difficulties in school achievement, as children miss out on
class lessons
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