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Lecture 12

HLTH 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Prison Farm, Malcolm Gladwell

Health Studies
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HLTH 101
Elaine Power

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HLTH 101 Lecture 12
Democracy & Political Change
What is charity? Can charity contribute to social justice?
As a practice, charity is the voluntary giving of assistance, aid or help to those in
need who are not related to the giver.
As a virtue, charity comes from the Latin word, caritas
In Christianity, caritas conveys the sense of unlimited loving-kindness to all
Giving means not expecting anything in return
There are different ways of giving
Most people are charitable for their own needs ie to feel good about
o How can such a claim be verified?
C󴊬󴊥󴊶󴊭󴊸󴊥󴊦󴊰󴊩 󴊳󴊶󴊫󴊥󴊲󴊭󴊾󴊥󴊸󴊭󴊳󴊲󴊷 󴊱󴊹󴊷󴊸 󴊥󴊺󴊳󴊭󴊨 󴊨󴊶󴊥󴊻󴊭󴊲󴊫 󴊷󴊹󴊧󴊬 󴊬󴊥󴊶󴊷󴊬 󴊰󴊭󴊲󴊩󴊷 󴊦󴊩󴊸󴊻󴊩󴊩󴊲 󴌉󴊹󴊷󴌊 󴊥󴊲󴊨
󴌉󴊸󴊬󴊩󴊱󴌊 󴉬󴊫󴊭󴊺󴊩󴊶 󴊥󴊲󴊨 󴊶󴊩󴊧󴊩󴊭󴊺󴊩󴊶 󴊨󴊭󴊧󴊬󴊳󴊸󴊳󴊱󴊽󴉭
o Giver & receiver dichotomy problematic because
It suggests that a giver is better or more capable than the receiver,
perpetuating a cycle of judgment
Compassion means to feel WITH not feel FOR
o Empathy vs sympathy vs pity
How does political change happen?
Aric McBay: 4 principles of successful social movements
o Effective movements win on their own terms, not on the terms of authority
o Political force makes change; persuading authorities does not
o The necessity of disruption
o Disrupting normal flow of events
o Strong movements are required
o People must organize and mobilize and press for specific demands
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