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Lecture 1

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Health Studies
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HLTH 101
Elaine Power

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015
HLTH 101 – Lecture 1 – Introduction to Social Determinants of Health
Dr. Elaine Powers
Office Hours: 9:30-11am Tuesdays (or email to set up an appointment)
TA office hours - TBA
Social Determinants of Health: Broadly speaking, the factors that affect the chances that groups
of people have to lead long and healthy lives
General Course Summary: When whole groups of people suffer a similar fate (e.g. shorter,
sicker lives), we look to explanations that are beyond the individual’s factors
**Factors beyond the individual are more important in explaining differences in health outcomes
among groups of people than lifestyle factors
COURSE STRUCTURE: Blended Learning Format (BL)
-50 mins lecture/week (Dr. Powers)
-75 mins tutorial/week (TA) —> ATTENDANCE MANDATORY (008)
-Tutorials are small group discussions as dictated by your section number
-Let the TAs know in advance if you are going to be missing a tutorial; it is very possible for
them to arrange a different tutorial section for you
-Attendance for tutorials begins this week
-Week 1 will be orientation based
-7.5 hours/week on average of online activity, reading, private study
Expected total time: 10 hours/week (averaged over 12 weeks)
Mandatory textbooks:
1. Social Determinants of Health by Alan Davidson (Epidemiologist)
2. A Healthy Society by Ryan Meili (Physician)
3. Ragged Company, a novel, by Richard Wagamese
4. Glossary of Anti-Oppressive Terms
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