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Lecture 6

HLTH101 Lecture 6: Equality vs. EquityPremium

Health Studies
Course Code
HLTH 101
Elaine Power

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HLTH 101 – Lecture 6 – Equality vs. Equity
Globe and Mail Editorial: Providing safe drinking water on reserves is simple. Just do it.
-reserves are a federal government responsibility
-133 Health Canada drinking water advisories in 126 First Nations communities. 93 in place >
2 years; 25% in place > 10 years
-$3.5 billion spent between 1995-2008
-Recommendation: new federal government should do an immediate audit and work directly
with communities to fix the problem
Ongoing Themes
-Fear of difference between individuals & fear of “the Other”
-Desire for power over others
-Greed & desire for control of resources
-Animal Farm references
-Animals with human masters are trying to take over the farm (take the power away from the
-When they do manage to take power over the farm, they stand up on their hind legs (very
much like their human masters)
-Aboriginal/indigenous peoples often behave like their European masters above them
when they come into power
A Just society?
“The most just society is one you would choose to be born into if you did not know how wealthy
or poor your family would be, or the genetic hand you would be dealt.”
-John Rawls
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