HLTH 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Positive Liberty, Circular Reasoning, Public Health

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3 Aug 2016
What is Poverty?
Absolute Poverty
- Refers to a lack of the essentials to life
oi.e Shelter, food, clothing
Relative Poverty
- being worse of than most people around you
- leaving a sense of deprivation
- i.e essentials to a student are like: not having the latest phone, computer, internet
connection. If you do not have these, you may feel like an outsider and do not fit in
ofeelings of lonliness, alienation and stress which all have health impacts
Measuring Poverty
- Low income cut off (LICO)
oAssessed from income Pre tax
oOr assessed from After tax
- Market Basket Measure (MBM)
oCost of a basket of good and services that are essential
- Low-income measure (LIM)
oUsed to make inter’l comparison of poverty.
- Pros and cons in using each measure of poverty. The choice to use which ever one is a
political decision
- Justice involves a sense of fairness
- Social justice – is about the fairness of society and the structures of society that ensures
everyone is treated fairly
ow/ respect to gender, abilities, sexual orientation, race etc
- Indigenous people are much less likely to graduate from high school and go to post-
secondary compared to non-indigenous people
oThis is a systemic issue
Three Approaches to Social Justice
- Maximizing Welfare
oEfficiency principle collides with equity principle
oThis means promoting health for as many people as possible
oThis does not do anything for inequities though. Using this as the base for social
justice does not help with public health at all
- Rewarding virtue
oProblem of circular logic
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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