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Health Studies
HLTH 102
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Health 102Lecture Set 1Physical HealthBody size and shape Height and weight BMIApples vrs Pears Where body fat is located significantly affects health more important than total body fatUnderOver weight Both are unhealthy maintaining a healthy body weight is important for longterm healthSensory Acuity Quality of eyesight hearing etcAs sensory acuity decreases quality of life decreases tooSusceptibility to disease Reflects quality of your immune systemImmune System Immune system reflects your activity levelProper exercise enhances immune function sedentary living and overexercise compromises the immune system80 of immune system located in digestive systemGut Bacteria Healthy gut is very important for optimal healthIdeal ratio between bacteria in gut 85 good 15 badSymptoms of unbalanced gut too much bad bacteria need to add probiotics to diet o GasBloating o Headaches o Nausea o Fatigue o Constipation or diarrhea o SugarRefined carb Cravings o Depression Intestinal health can have large influence on mental health Lifestyle and Environmental factors affecting gut bacteria o SugarFructose o Refined grains o Processed foods o Pollution
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