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Air Pollution and Health

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Health Studies
HLTH 102
Melody Torcolacci

Air Pollution 552012 83200 AM Air PollutionContributes to over 2 million premature deaths each year o Outdoor urban air pollution and indoor air pollution Respiratory infections21000 Canadians will die from heart and lung illnesses brought on by breathing polluted airLeads to higher rates of cardiovascular disease by damaging muscle cells in the arteries of the heartAir pollution leads to blood clots and heart attacks o The most harmful effects of air pollution on health and lungs are due to micro particlesPresent in exhaust gasesPM10sParticle MatterChildrens whos mothers were exposed to the most air pollution before birth scored lower IQo Impairs school performance Negative effects on health start to appear at low pollution rates o Infant mortality and cancer rates increase Indoor Air PollutionThe average person spends 90 of their time indoors o What gets in cant get out o Chemical pollutants inside the house are 25 times higherOne of the most environmental threats to your health o Leads to Asthma AllergiesEye and skin irritationsNeurological problemsPoor concentration Memory LossExposure to toxic airborne particles contributes to o Heart disease o Respiratory disease o Reproductive disorders o Cancers o Sterility Imbalance between good and bad bacteria in the gut
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